Driveway Seal Coating

AllWays Paving, specializes in residential & commercial asphalt sealing, maintenance and repairs.
Protecting the integrity of frequently used driveways, parking lots and walking paths is essential to the longevity of those open spaces. It is recommended that these spaces undergo a fresh sealcoating every 3 to 5 years while newly constructed spaces should be sealcoated within 6 to 12 months after installation. Weather, automotive residue and airborne debris cause surface failures that result in expensive repairs or hazardous conditions. AllWays Paving can sealcoat any driveway to restore its usability as well as reduce maintenance costs.

We use only quality contractor grade sealant and never use retail grade sealant on any project. Industrial grade will last much longer and provide a durability not normally available at retail stores.

Proper sealing will help to provide a degree of protection and preserve the driveway from excessive deterioration due to sun’s rays, oxidation, water and oil/gas spills.

We can meet any of your sealcoating needs so please call 609-758-0468  or  Contact Us Today for a FREE QUOTE!

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